Webinar: Crafting Museum Memories and the Future of the Interactive Museum

Museums have the rare ability to create a connection between a visitor and a moment in time. With digital experiences, the interactions geared towards visitor engagement can become more personalized and memorable, and can embody the values of the stories being told in the exhibits.

We’ve been saying for a while that museums should be more immersive, more tactile, and more interactive. But how do museums evolve when the notion of touch now comes at a public health risk?

Before New York’s #STAYHOME measures were put into place, the Statue of Liberty Museum’s 4.3 million annual visitors could explore the Statue’s history, impact, and the ideas it represents through immersive and interactive exhibits. Although temporarily closed, the museum is a new destination amongst New York City’s cultural icons, and this week the Statue of Liberty Museum is celebrating it’s one year anniversary.

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About the event

ESI Design’s Emily Webster joined Alexandre Simionescu from Float4 to discuss how cultural institutions can plan for the evolution of the museum experience and in the process, take a closer look at the immersive and interactive exhibits of the Statue of Liberty Museum. They covered:

  • How creative, content and tech work together for a memorable experience
  • What to consider when incorporating digital content and technology into museums
  • How to build connection in museums without touch
  • What changes we’re likely to see in museums post-pandemic

This webinar was recorded on Tuesday, May 19, 2020.

The webinar is full of helpful tips and ideas on how to evolve your museum experience.

Complete your details to the right, and watch the recorded webinar on-demand to hear what our experts have to say.


Meet the Speaker: Emily Webster

photo of Emily Webster

As a Principal, Creative at ESI Design and at the helm of ESI’s pioneering Media Architecture practice, Emily Webster leads teams at ESI to thoughtfully design how technology can be used to activate a space and tell a company story. Involved in projects from business development through to completion, she brings a strategic approach to the creative implementation of interactive technologies, and helps our clients create engaging, immersive and meaningful experiences that elevate their brand within the marketplace. Read more about Emily here.


Meet the Speaker: Alexandre Simionescu

photo of Alexandre SimionescuAlexandre Simionescu is co-founder of Float4, a multidisciplinary experience design and creative technology studio with offices in Montreal, New York and Dubai. After graduating from École Polytechnique de Montréal 2006 with a degree in computer Engineering, Alex was employed by Ubisoft Montreal, where he worked as a programmer before co-founding Float4 in 2008. Always on the go, and perpetually analyzing upcoming industry trends, he spearheads Float4’s creative initiatives. Alex’s work has always been devoted to exploring the intersection of technology and art, and to use his findings to create a shared experience with everyone around him. Read more about Alex here.